How can I help?

You can help the cause of Namal through the following ways:
1. Membership
2. Bricks
3. Student scholarships
4. Zakaat
5. General Donation
6. Volunteer

How can I make my payment?

You have the following options of making payments:
1. Online deposit through our website
2. Cheque/ Cash Collection from your place ( Pakistan only)

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

By becoming a member you get:
1. Membership cards which allow easy access to visit Namal College.
2. Founding Members will have their names displayed in Donors Park at Namal Knowledge City if they     continue their membership for 5 years or if they pay membership amount equivalent to 5 years.
3. All members will get regular updates about Namal through our e-newsletter
4. You will have a member/donor exclusive username and password for our member forum.

What is the member forum/portal?

This is an online platform where you can sign up using your username from your membership card and see all your past transactions and interact with members all over the world.

How can I arrange an event in my city?

Please refer to the following document for SOP of arranging an event.

SOP Document Download

How can I teach/ give a guest lecture at Namal College?

Please write to us at marketing@namal.edu.pk or call us +92 42 35782741, UAN: 111-162625

How can I get my story featured in the City History Project?

Please write us an email at marketing@namal.edu.pk.